JBK Scholarship

The JBK Scholarship has been established by John and Billie Smith and their daughter, Kim Clement. This family thoughtfully understands the challenges facing young women who began their college career, only to find they were unable to continue due to “life happening while they had other plans.” This scholarship is being offered for these types of students to help finish their coursework and obtain a degree that can be life-changing for them.
Criteria for Selection of Recipients:
1. Based upon their working schedules, recipient(s) may be full-time or part-time upperclassman, who have earned a minimum of 24 credit hours.
2. Recipient(s) must have a 2.8 cumulative GPA on coursework to date and must maintain that minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA for renewal of the scholarship.
3. Recipient(s) may take some online coursework supplemental to their classroom coursework to aid in obtaining their degree in the most timely manner.
4. Recipient(s) may not have a Pell Grant as part of their financial aid and must be a Louisiana resident.
5. Recipient(s) must apply annually for renewal consideration.

College of Arts, Education and Sciences - All Schools, College of Business and Social Sciences - All Schools, College of Health Sciences - All Schools, General (All Majors Eligible), Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students
Supplemental Questions
  1. Employment Information
    • 1. Are you currently employed?
  2. If Yes, please answer the following questions
    • 1. Employer Name and Position Held:
    • 2. How many hours do you work per week?
    • 3. Name and Title of Immediate Supervisor
    • 4. Supervisor Contact Information
  3. Why is this scholarship important to you? ( Briefly explain your answer.)