Community Foundation of North Louisiana

Community Foundation of North Louisiana

Who We Are

Community Foundation of North Louisiana brings people and resources together to solve problems and enhance our community. Our mission is to promote philanthropy and improve the quality of life in the North Louisiana community by serving as a permanent and growing resource of expertise and funds.

Established in 1961, the Foundation oversees more than $170 million in assets for the benefit of North Louisiana. The funds managed by the Foundation are invested for the community’s benefit and then are returned to the community in the form of grants to a wide variety of charitable endeavors. Since inception, the Community Foundation has granted over $100 million in grants to nonprofit organizations.


What We Do

We partner with donors to help them achieve a lasting legacy, support nonprofit organizations, and act as a convener and community leader.

The Foundation provides a variety of charitable funds and gift options to ensure donors achieve fulfilling, high-impact philanthropy. We work individually with each donor to understand and implement his or her personal vision for a better and brighter community and provide a lasting legacy that transcends generations.
Beyond our proactive and strategic grantmaking, we support nonprofits through networking opportunities, public events and workshops, and use of our Community Central meeting space.
We serve as a philanthropic expert and hub as well as a convener that brings together experts to identify problems and develop common agendas to effect real and lasting change.