Claire Lee Chennault Memorial Aviation Scholarship

Established by family, friends, colleagues, and the Alpha Eta Rho Professional Aviation Fraternity in 1972 in honor and memory of General Claire Lee Chennault. The purpose is to provide scholarships for deserving students.

The scholarship, once awarded, is for a full four year period, subject, however, to the following:

A. Recipient(s) must be pursuing a degree in Aviation.

B. Recipient(s) must maintain at least a 2.5-grade point average each semester. A GPA below 3.0 may be cause for a re-evaluation of the award, depending on the circumstances.

C. Recipient(s) must demonstrate merit, capability, physical condition, and aeronautical adaptability commensurate with requirements of the Aviation program.

D. Recipient(s) must have appropriate standards of character and responsibility.

E. Recipient(s) must be recommended for the program by persons who are familiar with them other than their immediate family.

College of Business and Social Sciences, Foundation Scholarships, Aviation, Undergraduate Students