Caldwell Parish Morris Endowed Scholarship

To qualify for the scholarship, a recipient must meet the following:

A. Recipient(s) must be a fulltime student and in good standing with the University.
B. Recipient(s) must have a high school 3.0 cumulative GPA and must also include a 3.0 GPA in high school English to receive the scholarship.
C. The scholarship must be awarded to an incoming freshman having graduated from Caldwell Parish High School. The scholarship is not renewable.
D. The scholarship shall be intended to assist the recipient(s) in paying any college education costs that would otherwise be paid to The University of Louisiana Monroe by the student. Donor’s intent is to assist students who have a financial need as evidenced by the Student Aid Report (SAR) received by the university after the FAFSA process is complete each year and who might otherwise be unable to attend college without this scholarship.
E. Recipient(s) must address the following two criteria as completely as possible in a short essay form, giving examples of how he/she meets these criteria:
a. What does the recipient(s) plan to do with his/her college education?
b. A general statement of the recipient(s) financial need.

Foundation Scholarships, General (All Majors Eligible)