D Rak Foundation Scholarship

To qualify for the scholarship, a recipient must meet the following:

A. Recipient(s) must be a student athlete involved with baseball or football.

B. Scholarship may be used as a recruiting tool for baseball or football at the discretion of the ULM Baseball Coach, ULM Football Coach, and the ULM Athletic Director.

C. Scholarship is not renewable.

D. Needs based. Donors’ intent is to assist students who have a financial need as evidenced by the Student Aid Report (SAR) received by the university after the FAFSA process is complete each year and who might otherwise be unable to attend college without this scholarship. Students who are eligible for federal educational grants which do not have to be repaid, such as Federal Pell Grants, are not eligible for this scholarship, absent very extenuating circumstances. The Admissions Office shall have the latitude to make such a decision keeping in mind the original intent of this donation.

The University of Louisiana Monroe Scholarship Office will work with the ULM Baseball Coach, the ULM Football coach, and the ULM Athletic Director where appropriate to award the scholarship based upon this governing criteria.

Foundation Scholarships