Abell Scholarship

The Abell Scholarship was established by the Nelson and Bennie Abell family for the benefit of Abell Corporation employees and their families.

1. Recipient(s) must be a close relative of a current employee of Abell Corporation. If Abell Corporation no longer exists, the Nelson Abell family foundation would provide recommendations for the scholarship recipients.

2. For an incoming freshman, the recipient(s) must have a 3.0 GPA graduating from high school.

3. If awarded to an upper class person, the recipient(s) must have a 3.0 CUM GPA on all work pursued to date.

4. Recipient(s) must maintain a 3.0 CUM GPA and his/her close relative must currently be employed with Abell Corporation to renew the scholarship each semester.

5. Recipient selection is based upon personal character, activities, involvement, and good citizenship.

6. The scholarship will be renewable for up to four years or eight semesters. Requests for funding of the scholarship beyond these limits must be submitted in writing to the ULM Foundation and approved by the Abell Corporation.

Undergraduate Students, Foundation Scholarships, General (All Majors Eligible)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you an employee or the close relative of a current employee of Abell Corporation?
  2. Please provide the following information regarding the employee:
    • 1. Name of the employee:
    • 2. Position/Title of the employee:
    • 3. Relationship with the employee:
    • 4. Employee's Phone Number: