Karen Ohme Coon Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The Karen Lynn Ohme Coon Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Karen, who was a 21 year old junior at Northeast Louisiana University when she died of cancer in 1991. She battled the disease much like she lived her life, courageously and with no regrets. Karen loved all people, without regard for race, cultural or ethnic background. She demonstrated kindness in her community without expectation of recognition or reward. When asked to lead, Karen used action rather than words. Karen had an outstanding work ethic and felt accomplishment from a job well done.

1. Recipient(s) must have a 2.75 GPA.
2. Recipient(s) should possess qualities similar to those of Karen.
3. To renew the scholarship, recipient(s) must maintain a 2.75 GPA.

Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Foundation Scholarships, General (All Majors Eligible), Professional Program