Ouachita Parish Women's Republican Club 1st Generation Scholarship

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This scholarship was established by the Ouachita Parish Women’s Republican Club in honor and memory of Billy G. Haynes.

A. Recipient(s) must be a resident of Louisiana.

B. Recipient(s) must be a “first-generation college student”, i.e. neither parent nor legal guardian(s) have earned a college degree.

C. Recipient(s) must be awarded the federal Pell grant.

D. Recipient(s) must meet university standards for acceptance in the University of Louisiana at Monroe, must be admitted to the university, and must be pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

E. Scholarship may be renewed if a 2.5 GPA is maintained. The scholarship may be renewed up to a maximum of seven semesters for an incoming freshman only. All other classifications will receive the scholarship for the remaining semesters required to complete a four year degree.
ULM is a member of the University of Louisiana System • AA/EOE
F. ULM will provide recipient(s) with structured support through active and engaged advising.

G. ULM will provide recipient(s) with meaningful campus employment of at least ten hours per week over and above the scholarship.

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