Carol Ann and Glynn Tubbs Endowed Scholarship

The Carol Ann and Glynn Tubbs Intern and Scholarship Endowed Fund was established by Mr. Joseph W. Lyman, III in honor of Carol Ann Tubbs and in memory of Glynn Tubbs. The purpose is to provide support for internships or scholarships for deserving students who are members of the ULM 31 Ambassadors.

1. Recipient(s) must be a full-time student and have completed one year of service as a 31 Ambassador.
2. Recipient(s) must meet the contractual requirements of membership in the 31 Ambassadors and be in good standing with the university.
3. The scholarship is not renewable, but the former recipient(s) may reapply.

31 Ambassadors, Foundation Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a member of the ULM 31 Ambassadors with at least one year of service as a 31 Ambassador?
  2. Please upload a photo of yourself as a 31 Ambassador member.